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13.02.2022 VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Staying with Mercury energy again today in this card and fitting with the current planetary energy beaming down on us. Mercury, planet of communication and perception. Of rationalizing and thinking. With Gemini traits of curiosity, duality and exchange. Card of connection and union, of decision making. Once known as the Choice card. Today we are still in the window of Mercury conjunct Pluto’s energy of deep, uncomfortable truths being unearthed. Today’s card asks us to truly see ourselves and what we love then question if the people around us reflect that energy too or do they have their own flags flying high that leave us in the shadows of their energy? We all have the right to stand and receive the rays of the sunlight without being shadowed by others. Know that there are no obstacles that we cannot overcome. This may be through adjusting our perception of a situation rather than any physical need. We accept the healing energy of Archangel Raphael coming forward for us today, especially if we are struggling with the Mercury Pluto ramifications. Any relationship should enhance us and never be physically or mentally abusive towards us. Sixes are about balance and harmony. Balance is an ever swinging energy. If we stay too long in one position it does not serve us. Enjoy the flow and the highs and lows without loosing ourselves. Love ourselves enough to care about our health and right to be the wonderful unique individuals that we are.

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