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13.01.2022 Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Learning to embrace the attitude of gratitude really does assist us to move into positive energy and find a better way of living life. What can we find to be grateful for today? Waking up is my first gratitude each day for I am grateful to know there are still things for me to learn in this world and wonderful people to share that with. The Ace cards are seen as a gift from the Universe or the Hand of God. They bring us an offer or an opportunity. Possibly that could be a new beginning, being ready to embrace the next phase of our life. It could be something that we really want to manifest but always, any wish for something needs to be thought out thoroughly. For example, we may ask not to be so tearful in life, not to cry so often, but what about tears of happiness, don’t we want to experience them?

A day of learning in positive ways. A day of being ready to receive. A day of breakthroughs and fulfilment. Card of emotion in relationships, affection, a supportive partner. Card of self love. Learning to love ourselves so we can be open to receiving the truest of love from others. This may come to us in a caring way or in an offer of love being made aware to us today. Card of the love planet Venus in the water element zodiac sign of Cancer. I am grateful for the guidance of this card today :-)

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