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12.12.2019 – Knight of Wands

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Thursday: Today is said to be a ‘portal’ and is also a full moon at 05:12 GMT in the sign of Gemini. Pam Gregory on her YouTube channel tells us this energy will shine a light on the ‘monkey mind’. Are you like the Knight in control or have you 'got on the horse' unable to ride? Today the energies ask us to move from the mind to the heart; it too has memory*.

Knowing this information, do you now feel as strong as the Knight looks as he sits astride his steed? The song from Carole King, Where you Lead I will Follow, plays out in my head. Will you follow your Knight in shining armour if he appears to lead you on a new journey in your life? While the Pages are the messengers of the minor suits, the Knights are the enthusiastic and innovative energies. As this is the wands suit then you would expect this energy to be directed into a creative outlet. *Check out Gregg Braden - This Recent Discovery Is So Powerful It Defies Belief

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