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12.10.2021 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Why would we be happy to take a couple of steps backwards today? Well, just maybe, other things have had to fall into place before the messenger of the pack was able to deliver the message today. Yesterday the Queen brought us confidence and determination energy.

The first of the four Pages is sometimes known as the Free Spirit card. I happen to have a small cushion with Free Spirit on it and I have been favouring it this last few days. We are a human race not mindless automatons to be manipulated by oppressors outside of our free will or spirit. This is a card of action, of starting something. Of excitement, heart, soul and passion. As the first of the Royals the Pages bring us the energy of new beginnings and also re-birth. They herald us receiving incoming energy from the cosmos. Have you seen the news? Solar flares expected. Pages are of the earth element therefore grounded and stable the passion comes via the Wands fire energy. Are we ready for new adventures in our lives? If we had a blank canvas, how would we want to see it filled? Today the Page asks us to paint that picture as boldly as we would want to see it being created before us. They say anything is possible should we allow ourselves to dream it. What is your dream today?

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