• Patricia Jean Fleming

12.09.2021 Queen of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Sunday: We have a royal end to our week as the Queen of Swords blows in on a wind of change. Queens are caring, experienced and mature. They are the penultimate card of the suits. This Queen brings clarity, brings things into balance and to making sense. She asks us to allow ourselves to rise in a new light. She is the energy of truth and a counterpart to the Justice card in the Major Arcana.

She encourages us to be empowered to speak our truth. Swords are an air element while Queens are water. Therefore she is capable of stirring up a storm if necessary however, calm seas create an easier passage. Can we lift ourselves above any ‘troubled waters’ and be in our own calmness? The Shadowscapes Companion book shares: ‘The blinding white is the color of purity, honesty, clarity and uncompromising balance, but also of distance and sometimes death, for sometimes to get to truth one must cast off the old to slough off pretense and guile. Discard the past, leave the cocooning shells and delve deep within to seek the true face to wear and show the world.

Let us embrace our inner strength today and shine our truth out into what appears to be a somewhat deceptive world in which we find ourselves living today.

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