• Patricia Jean Fleming

12.09.2019 – Queen of Cups Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Today is all about you. Are you able to take time out just for you?

Have you allowed yourself to be caught up in a world that is about everybody and everything else and you appear somewhere at the very end of that queue?

Then ask, put it out there. Ask this out of balance way of life to stop and give you the opportunity to once again find yourself.

We are all uniquely individual and it is necessary to ‘reach for the oxygen mask first’!

We are not being the best we can be if we constantly put others needs before our own. Find the unconditional love that lives within the self and allow it to blossom, filling your whole being with a beautiful pink loving energy.

This is you! This is who you were when you were born. Can you find your way back to that loving energy you hold within you?

Please, love yourself enough to do this.

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