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12.08.2021 V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: Another major arcana for us today – so much energy currently around us, including a super new moon hanging meaningfully in tonight’s sky telling us to have hope for the future – all will be well. We’ve got this. Fives can be about challenges and changes, conflict, instability and uncertainty. But also freedom and liberation – it just depends on how we allow ourselves to perceive it. The Hierophant is seen as God’s representative here on Earth. He guides us to shine our light from within and look for answers in the same place.

A card of healing and introspection.

This is a search for the meaning of life and how we fit within that journey. Know who we can trust and trust in ourselves. Allow ourselves the strength to stand in our own power and face down the bluster of others who are all talk. When we can stand in our own power then there is no uncertainty, we know what is right for us and we will not settle for less. Linked to the Western Zodiac sign of Taurus who can be calm and peaceful until aroused. Who can we truly be dependent on at this time if not ourselves. Know what is right for us and do not allow others to bully us into being something we are not.

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