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12.06.2022 Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: We stay with the energy of the planet Mars in the zodiac sign it rules, Aries. There is a feeling of energy turning, ramping up. It is there for the individual to benefit from in taking back personal power and responsibility. We can hold ourselves in fear and negativity or turn it around into positivity and strength, a power that comes from love and not the abuse of others. We see abuse happening in the World but we do not have to own it in our world. Time to take back that power which has been misused for too long. This card speaks to us of being empowered to take action, to make life choices that will bring positive change into our lives. To listen to our intuition and make choices for our self. It is not for us to direct the life of others. Only they walk in their own shoes as we walk in ours. Card of being at a crossroads but within the power to see what we want. The potential of a new path A day to take the world in our hands and shape it for ourselves in the way we want to create it. [The World card two days ago!] Card of being fired up and ready for the unknown. Twos are about balance, duality and relationships. About choices, decisions and reconciliation. It can be a reconciliation of self as well as with others. We should never fear making a decision for procrastinating is a hell of our own making. If a decision needs made then we make it. Let us never worry about making a wrong decision, it was the right decision at the time we made it. If we then find we are not comfortable with the outcome, rather than feeling bad about it, make the decision to move on from it and on to something better. It is in our power to do so.

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