• Patricia Jean Fleming

12.06.2021 Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Another Saturday, another royal visitor. Today we have one of the four knights who are of the element of air.

We have more of this weeks energy of change and progress towards a goal.

The suit of Wands add the element of fire into the mix bringing us daring and passion. Sometimes called the ‘go for it’ card, it is linked to the Sun sign of Sagittarius giving us adventure and ambition. Can we look into the card and see our knights readiness to set forth on his quest? What are we finding ourselves being driven towards today? Do we allow ourselves the passion and adventure of this path yet still be able to be aware of others around us, being aware of how our blindness can have negative impact? If we drop into the heart and out of the ego then our awareness of others will run alongside us at this time and we can still manage to make headway on our journey without causing any hurt to them. Let us not have any recklessness on our part trampling over others along the way.

A card of ‘getting back on the horse’, of change, creativity, maybe an opportunity being offered to us. Allow ourselves to go with passion but be conscious of who else we may affect with our actions.

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