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12.05.2021 IX The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Another perfect card as we bask in the energy of yesterdays new moon. Today’s major arcana’s fated energy brings us the Hermit, number 9. Nines are about healing and understanding. The card is associated with the Sun sign of Virgo which is a practical and pragmatic earth sign.

Can we adopt some of this energy into our lives today? The card asks us to look within ourselves and to overcome internal blocks by shining a light on them. This fits well with the new moon energy guidance in yesterdays card - ‘A time of trusting your intuition and co-creating positive transformation in your life.’ This is our lives, nobody else, they have to do their own work. A day of finding direction, healing from what has been and what is stopping us from moving forward. A card of solitude and retreat allowing ourselves to go within and explore who we are today. The Shadowscapes Companion book tells us that this card is ‘an inspirational friend and teacher and his help can illuminate the secrets of one’s own mind. That which was

mysterious can be made clear with the proper light to shine on the situation.’

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