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12.03.2022 I The Magician

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Our major arcana visitor today knows how to turn base metal into gold. It is a sign for us that we can do and be anything if we believe it to be so. The slightest of doubt however can stop this from happening. A day to recognise our own power. What do we want to transform in our lives today? We need to focus our energy and step into our truth. Learn to be us. Have belief in our abilities. When we master ourselves from within, not the ego mind, the thinking mind, but the knowing self, our intuition, we have everything we need to step forward in this world. The Magician has command of the four elements, fire, water, air and earth and can conduct these energies to transform for the better. We too can do this today, if we trust, if we believe. This is why the power of positivity is so important to hold in our lives right now. Today we have the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces. With the slow moving planets their energy lasts in the signs for longer than the nearer planets. Being conjunct means united, together. The Sun is now beside Neptune shining its light onto the psychic sensitivity energy planet. One of dreams and illusion, of spirituality and oneness. Also of addiction and delusion. ‘The Sun conjunct Neptune aspect is one of the strongest and clearest expressions of the Pisces/Neptune archetype, and indicates a life filled with compassion, mysticism and self-sacrifice. Although you may have many obstacles and setbacks on the way, you will always emerge victorious.’

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