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11.12.2020 Six of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Today we have another visit from the Six of Cups, last out on the 1​st​ of Dec and now the 11​th​. The one has doubled into two ones and it feels like we have taken a step forward from where we were back then; that the cards are guiding us to finding happiness for ourselves, individually.

It is not ‘selfish’ to put ourselves first as in the derogatory way the word is now used as if to blame us for having the audacity to be ourselves. Today we are guided to reach for that oxygen mask first, should we be called to do so. When we can find our own true self, our own happiness of being, then we can stand on a stronger foundation to be there to be of service to others. Some people don’t like this because it means they lose their control over us – no one has the right to have control over anyone like that. We are wonderfully unique and deserve to know a joyful way of being, of living in this life. Where is your happy place currently? Does it rely on someone else or have you found it within you?

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