• Patricia Jean Fleming

11.10.2021 Queen of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Continuing the Wands theme of yesterday and more to follow today, tomorrow and Thursday we are receiving strong fire element guidance and starting our week with an almost complete set of Royals. We have to wait till next Monday for the Knight to show up! Today the Queen of Wands, I get the lovely feeling of The Good Witch qualities coming with this card today. We also have the astrological shift with Saturn having stationed direct at 03:17GMT this morning. This could have us feeling a bit heavy energetically and brings, as Heather Eland advises: 'heavy karmic circumstances up to the surface in a way that forces us to put in the work in order to fix what’s broken and discard what’s truly beyond repair. ' This Queen is a counterpart to the Emperor in the major arcana. She brings us the qualities of being confident, courageous, determined and capable of taking the lead. She is a warrior queen, channelling her power for her success. She guides us that today is a day to take action based on our intuition. Make an affecting/ touching/ moving choice on how we need to move forward. Today’s date adds up to the number 8 which when laid on it’s side equals infinity. Let us be sure about any decisions we make today, they may have a longer lasting momentum than we have considered.


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