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11.09.2020 – V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Stepping into a couple of days Major Arcana today kicking off with another five following on from yesterday’s double energy so still some unsettling vibes of instability and change but today coming from the Hierophant. He asks us to look within ourselves to find the answers we are seeking. He is known as Gods representation in the tarot and is associated with the Sun sign of Taurus whose positive energy brings us strength and determination while its negative side can be self-indulgent and stubborn.

I always feel that this picture representing the Hierophant is of a very balanced person having a strong spiritual foundation rooted to mother earth, the wisdom of his years of growth and a flourishing in the future of those combined energies. The teachings of finding our inner self have been around for millennia but it was kept from the general populace; how could we be controlled if we knew the answer to life and living was within each and every one of us? Not some hard won goal or fear based devotion but a journey back to love which brings with it peace and freedom. Can you connect with that kind of love within you today?

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