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11.05.2022 XVI The Tower

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Seven energy is still hanging around us this week. XVI =16=7 and yesterday we had seven with the Chariot. Today’s day and month 11.05 = 7. The energy of seven is assessment, evaluation and reflection. When we do not pay heed, regard, to our intuition or the signs that we receive, that try to steer us in the best direction, then all that is left to move us is a tower moment. How hard that arrives at our door is dependent on how far off we are from our path, the one we were born to live. Along the way we have choices but if they do not serve us then we are gently nudged to start with to realign us. When we do not pay attention to these gifts then we pay the consequences. We take the hard route. I write this as I have lived it and witnessed it in my own journey in the hope that I can move others to be open to receiving the gentle nudges rather than the catastrophic events that can level us. Card of timing, unexpectedly and with force, unavoidable. The Universal energies tears down, rents asunder the Tower to move us, to liberate us, to realign us. Something that shakes our ‘world’ – but for the best reasons. Card of a crisis point and a profound discovery. Card of planet Mars in the sign of Aries. Mars actually enters Aries in the early minutes of 25th May. Let us be open to the signs, the synchronicities of life that move us gently back, or guide us to our paths before then.

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