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11.05.2020 – 0 The Fool

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Ooh, how lovely, on the back of yesterday’s deep dive with Temperance, we step out anew with the freedom of The Fool who travels light with only that which is necessary to sustain the start of the journey. Not knowing where it will lead but finding a new acceptance of being and walking the talk. Astrologically this card is Uranus and therefore associated with Aquarius. Uranus being the planet of change and revolution. It is also about ‘major’ new beginnings as it is card zero of the major deck. It carries the nature element of air which links with ambition and curiosity.

Are you feeling stirrings of something new appearing in your ‘walk of life’ today?

It is Monday, it is the beginning of a new week [depending on your culture, it is mine]. It is also the 11th of the 5th month of this 2020 year. Eleven is ‘major’ as in a master number in numerology. Ones are new beginnings so here you get a double doze. Fives are changes and challenges. Are you ready to step into something new?

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