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11.04.2022Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: The depiction in this card is one of being caught in the briar patch but we have the beautiful Humming Bird which denotes Joy and it is within our reach. There are many Swans in the Swords suit and I see this as representing the mind. Swords are an air element and I am reminded of the ‘Ugly Duckling’ fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Thinking he was an ugly duckling he then discovered he was in fact a beautiful swan. We can all ‘think’ ourselves into these types of negative situations, I am too fat, I am too thin, I am not tall enough, I should have, I could have etc. We are being asked to lift ourselves up like the Humming Bird, out of the heavy energy that we allow our minds to hold us in and is unhappiness. Card of adapting to circumstances and learning lessons. Linked to the planet Jupiter in the air element sign of Gemini. In the early hours of this morning 03:09 BST (GMT+1hr) [Sunday evening in the West and later Monday in the East] Heather Eland shares: Mercury takes on the patient qualities of Taurus, gently calming our thought processes down and making our communication very smooth, almost poetic. However . . .The energy of Uranus in Taurus is very destabilizing and the karmic North Node always points to the next chapter in our destiny.

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