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11.04.2021 Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: From a day of being yesterday, today we ‘get back on our horse’ and embrace the passion of the Wands suit in questing energy. This Knight though is the first of the four suits and brings with him the energy of air as with all the Knights. He, however, hasn’t had the experience that each one consecutively gains as the suits unfold their journey. We need to be careful today that in our passion we do not ‘ride rough shod over others.’ We don’t need to dampen our spirit but we do need to show compassion to others who might not wish to follow our example today.

We are all uniquely wonderful but that does not give us cause to be without a thought for the interest of others.

A card that is representative of the Sun sign Sagittarius and its adventurous spirit. A card of action, ambition and change. Let us rein in that passion until we have a clear field and a fresh wind behind us; then we can gallop as fast as is our want. Harness our creativity today and let our passion guide us where the energies of fire and air would have us forging ahead in some quest of our own desire – but only when the wind is fair and the field is clear.

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