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11.01.2021 Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: No way out? Looking at this card may be how we are currently feeling. Today, science is proving that if we hold ourselves in negative thought, then what we get is more of the same. When we have faced or found ourselves in situations that through the years we have learned to perceive as negative, then we may have had that kind of ‘knew it’ attitude which perpetuates that whole way of being. Now, knowing this, is that where we want to continue to be? Or is today the day when something clicks with us, when we recognise the ‘lucky’ planet Jupiter’s influence alongside the duality of the sun sign Gemini, and start to see a positive side of being? If we were able to see beyond today, if we were able to see a bigger picture of what life is about, if we were able to see the happy days ahead in our future, then wouldn't it be worth feeding today with positive energy to help that along? Like feeding plants to enhance their growth. Like feeding our pets because we love them and want to have them in our lives and happy. Or in loving ourselves enough to bring happiness and love into our lives. Joy IS within our reach. Can we find the trust that will guide us there?

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