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10.11.2021 King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Another day of the passionate Wands Suit. We have double fire energy from both the King and the Wands. Unsure what fire sign this is linked to but today I hear Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun so plenty of fire there! The Sun brings us a sense of purpose, self-expression and vitality. The Leo and Sun connection also brings us the energy of VIII Strength from the major arcana and is a nice connection and follow on from yesterday’s eight of Wands. Kings are the top of their suits. They are our energy of authority, leadership and protection. Today is a day to embrace determination, inspiration, passion and reinvigoration. This is ‘go getting’ energy, being prepared to fight for what is right energy. It is fire, it is passion. Energy of achievement and ascendance in areas of work or creativity. Individual, self-made. Humble and generous. Being appreciative of life. Tenacity. Receiving an offer or support. More guidance of being in our own power. Feeling the energy of a progressive and substantial development as the following days progress. Tomorrow is the 11-11 gateway which is bringing in reconnection, bringing things back together again. We need to hold ourselves above the fray (disturbance) that will continue to thrash itself out while we get on with life and living. It takes no effort to walk in our own light and love.

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