• Patricia Jean Fleming

10.10.2020 – XI Justice Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: For me, reversed cards are a sign of delay more so than a considered opposite to an upright card reading; that is because of my positive outlook. This too can be your reality as we covered in yesterday’s card.

This card talks about appeasement, balance, deliberation, fairness and harmony. How do they sound to you? Something we would like to achieve more often than we currently do? We are not being asked to be a Saint but to find a balance in our life that brings more joy and happiness than fear and sadness.

Most often those feelings are born from our ego mind and that can be controlled. We can choose to reverse old ways of being that have not supported us on our lives journey. There comes a time when we may ask, ‘is this it?’ With our free will we are capable of taking decisive action to no longer allow those negative energies to plague our lives. We can work on them, slow and sure, until we find we are more often in a good frame of mind than not. When we do the right thing for us then

everyone we know truly benefits from us

being in our own truth.

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