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10.09.2021 Six of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Friday: This card for me represents to dream of being lifted from the past. It is about leaving trouble behind us. A card of clear vision ahead, of plain sailing. It can be a card of moving home or life transition, new visions, new goals, new job. This card is sometimes known as The Honeymoon card. *Heather Eland: Tells us that today the planet Venus enters Sun sign of Scorpio through to 7th October. On a positive note ’this transit facilitates intimacy, loyalty and deep trust in healthy partnerships, romantic or otherwise.’ However, in negative energy we may find possessiveness and jealousy being brought to the fore. This energy is one of lack within the person portraying it. Someone who does not know how to love themselves first. When we learn to love ourselves we remove this fearful and destructive negativity.

Card of the communication planet Mercury back with us again today for the third time this week, today in the Sun sign of Aquarius. This can be about intellectualizing, rationalizing but remember we never walk in another’s shoes. We can only conjecture what other people think and that really is such a waste of time and energy. The best way to find out what someone else thinks is to ask them. So, let us today leave all troubles behind us and vision our way forward in a lighter reality. Better days are ahead. * Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Patricia Jean Fleming Mediterranean Messages Website: YouTube: Mediterranean Messages Donations/buy me a coffee:

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