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10.09.2020 – Five of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Five energy prevalent today as the numerology of the date = 5 and we have the Five of Cups card. Fives can be of an unsettling energy and focused on emotions and feelings. It can be about instability and change. Are we putting the brakes onto our future by not moving on from the past within our minds? Can we look beyond the current position?

In the card we have the lady holding on to one of the ‘cups’ while two lie spilt and another is lost to the sea. She focuses only on the one she holds in her hand and yet another lies behind her. What are we overlooking today? What have we forgotten about? What else is available for us? The card is linked to the planet Mars which is now in retrograde asking us to understand our wants and needs at this time and the reasons behind them. It is also the energy of taking action. The sun sign Scorpio also associated with this card brings us perceptiveness and the potential to really see what has been so far hidden from us.

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