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10.08.2021 Queen of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: Queens are of the water element, they are caring, experienced and mature. Swords are of the air and are about truth and justice. There is a nice balance between the two as the air energy lacks emotion while that is what the water element represents. Therefore it is no big surprise that it is backed up by the zodiac sign of Libra and that this card is also linked to the Justice card of the major arcana. What balance do we need to find for ourselves today?

Allow ourselves to rise in the new light that is shining onto earth via the Lion’s Gate energy. For us to stand in our own truth for that can be the only truth we really know. We are all uniquely wonderful and different, your truth may not be the truth of someone else. Is there a call for us to be advocate or counsel for someone else today? Can we give them that power by standing with them, so they can speak their own truth? Today is calling for Justice and for bringing things into balance so as they make sense. Allow ourselves to be empowered and encourage others to stand in their individual power also. (Always the proviso of as long as we are causing no harm to others). From the Shadowscapes Companion book: ‘In the language of flowers, purple dragon lilies are symbols of inner strength and white chrysanthemums, truth.‘

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