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10.07.2022 Knight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Card of making anything possible. We step up one place from yesterday’s Page and embrace the positive change of this card today. Card of clarity and being ready to move forward. Questing for higher knowledge and warrior energy seeking success. The extreme and fast paced energy of the Knight may need to be balanced with compassion and responsibility. When we blindly push on regardless we may not see the impact that has on others. Let us keep our eyes and radar awareness about us today. We have double air element with this card so will link it to the air twins of Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury as yesterday’s card and never seems far away from us currently. Forgot to share the astrology yesterday and guess what was featured, yes, Mercury! Mercury Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries. Heather Eland tells us: . . . ‘Mercury square Jupiter is an exciting energy and one that can feel like our brains are on fire with ideas and enthusiasm! . . Keep in mind that as we move through this energy, the inspiration and ideas that come through are quite good, but it will not manifest out of thin air. It is important to manage expectations and remember that action and hard work are the key.’ Remembering to be aware of others around us as we drive ourselves forward.

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