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10.07.2021 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: ‘Play (the) devil's advocate: To argue against or attack an idea, argument, or proposition—even if one is in favor of it—for the sake of debate or to further examine its strength, validity, or details.’ The guidance we have been receiving of late is asking us to look at life in a different way to that which we were taught to see it. To question or understand the truth in the fears we can face daily, even from hour to hour. Why do we believe so easily in a hopelessness of being rather than a knowingness that we can?

The Devil card represents our limitations, our restrictions, and those normally imposed by ourselves because it is what we believe in our minds. It is about addictions, ego, powerlessness, toxicity and vices. Anything that can cause an imbalance within our self.

Materialism is a carrot on a string of others who want to make something from us, the puppeteer that has us dancing to the tune of temptation. Can we learn to break those strings and take control back into our own sense of self? Can we see beyond the driven enslavement that currently exists in our business and retail worlds? Who is the Devil that we are dancing to today? Today at 02:16 BST we have the new moon in Sun sign of Cancer, what seeds will we plant today for our future?

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