• Patricia Jean Fleming

10.07.2019 – XI Justice Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away . . . The song runs through my head. Today, we not only have a reversed card, but it also came out back to front!

There is an essence of in-justice running around in the energies today - that needs to be highlighted - that is!

Realising what we don’t want in our lives has a habit of showing us what we do! The World stage is playing out a ‘soap-opera’ in which we have been given the opportunity to ask ourselves – how do I feel about this?

We are not asking you to change the World but to go within and see what areas of your life that no longer serve you at this time. We actually can change the world but that is an individual process, one person at a time and it all starts with changing ourselves first into being the best that we can be in this lifetime.

We need to connect with our soul purpose, not ego driven thoughts of what we think we should be, but, connect with the energies that make our hearts sing.

What do you want to achieve in this life?

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