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10.06.2020 – Six of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: They say anything that has been learned, can be unlearned. What do you carry around with you by way of learned lessons that no longer serve you? Can you find it in you to be open to the possibility that not all things you were taught were for your highest good?

The problem is we were all herded together in a ‘one size fits all’ environment when we were all so uniquely different. Just because something worked for someone else didn’t mean that it worked for us. Today you are being asked to reconnect to the uniqueness of who you really are and not the person other people have had a hand in moulding into their likeness or their want. What is your want, here today, now? What wealth of being flows within you that would enhance your life if you were to let it emerge? What simple joys and pleasures make you happy? Have you found a different way of being during lockdown that has surprised you? Will you adapt that way in your days ahead or blindly fall back into the way you were before? Your choice, free will!

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