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10.05.2021 Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: With the new moon exact tomorrow evening, it is already ‘active’ energy wise. Our card today is one of reflection, of how we want to move forward from today, to get some clarity for our future. Just what we need right now, the best time to get our new seeds ready for planting tomorrow.

The lady lies holding onto the last sword of four, is she thinking that she needs its protection or is she not ready to let it go as she already has managed to do with the others? She looks very comfortable in her slumber or meditation and does not seem to be in any angst as she is not gripping the final sword; her hands lay lightly on it. Is she contemplating her future, visioning her way forward? This card is of the lucky planet Jupiter in the Sun sign of Libra. Jupiter is associated with abundance, expansion, growth and luck while Libra is about balance, principles and values. How will we use these energies today to assist us? Are we already making plans for our future? Are we looking for balance and harmony in our lives and successful relationships?

These are seeds for tomorrow should we choose to plant them.

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