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10.05.2020 – XIV Temperance

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Go easy on yourself. Another song plays out in my head. It is actually ‘Make It Easy on Yourself by the Walker Brothers. We can drive ourselves much harder than anyone else would expect of us. Ask yourself, what would you say to a friend if they relayed their [your] feelings to you right now? Employ that love to nurture yourself and your emotions right now.

The major arcana Temperance card sits between Death and the Devil! Now, you can ‘see' that as a really uncomfortable place to be or possibly even the best of places to be insomuch as you are in the thick of things and it doesn’t get much worse. Ria at Truth Well Told Tarot says of this card ‘making peace between heart and mind’. Today that is totally what I am feeling. It is the astrological card of Sagittarius. Allow yourself to be you, find your free spirit of self. Explore what inspires you, be idealistic with regard to you and, if you can manage it, philosophical too.

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