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10.04.2022 Three of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: This card has popped up again as a reminder to accept the assistance of others. It is of taking one step at a time, not rushing into things. Of bringing a new level of stability into our life with a focus on money and career. Of manifesting something new and appreciating our own skills and experience to bring positive change into our life. Of putting our energy in the right direction. Re-building life, a home etc. The beginning of material success through teamwork and co-creation. Working from the heart and not letting the ego mind rule us. We are all wonderfully unique and all have something to bring to this world. Possibly setting up a business partnership and or project. A day of beginning to bring reward for our past effort. Card of the planet Mars in the earth element zodiac sign of Capricorn. Can we learn to be grounded, rooted and yet see ourselves as vines growing upwards. Without support we could only crawl along the ground. Togetherness is the call to us today to be in the heart and bring no competition to any partnerships of business. We can use that energy to support and build a stronger and healthier bond between those taking part. Threes are beyond the balance and harmony of twos. Today we are birthing, being creative and growing, making something new happen having learned lessons from the past.

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