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10.04.2021 The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: This weeks only major arcana is The Star 17 = 8 = continuum, powerful energy that goes on giving! Sometimes known as the Divine Wish or the Fulfilment Card. A card of divine blessings however we care to look at it. Learning to know our strengths, our being, and how we shine that out into the world. To be able to find that place which allows us to be in our own essence regardless of all that transpires around us. In calmness, in non judgement, in trust. We talked of faith in yesterday’s reading and this card brings more of that alongside hope; hope for the future. Let us hang our faith on the star that it will guide us well today through a graceful presence, be open to the blessings of the Universe while holding optimism for our well-being. A day to shine our unique light letting that guide us forward. This card follows the Tower which is change, this is renewal after that and we have had change feature twice in this weeks readings. Hold onto the knowing of our dreams and visions today but don’t try to tie them down. Dream and let them go with a certainty that if they are meant for us then they will come at the right time for everyone involved. Even with all that is happening in the world it is okay to find some personal happiness today and in shinning that out into the world maybe it will rub off on someone else who is needing to feel it too.

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