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10.03.2022 Nine of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: When we have been bombarded with years of mind control, years of oppression from fear based news broadcasts and sensationalism, then it can take some time to re-acquaint ourselves with the power of personal positivity. Others may not like to see this in us as it is not how they used to know us or is how they see life. This positive power is not used to suppress others but to stand side by side with our fellow earth dwellers for the betterment of the planet and all life. We can do this, individually at first, then one by one by one we will assist to bring the new world into being. This card is a reminder of the despair we draw ourselves into through negative thinking.

I see it as a form of self harm and I visualise bleeding wounds. Today is a day of ‘getting out of our mind’ by putting things into perspective allowing us to see a way forward. At 01:32 GMT Mercury moves into Pisces and joins Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun as a stellium of concentrated energy. Therefore we have strong energy focusing our attention on the zodiac sign of Pisces, the last sign of the western astrology. Pisces rules spirituality so there is no accident in us being guided towards our spiritual connections and awareness. Are you ready to take a deeper dive into understanding who you really are today?

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