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10.02.2021 Queen of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Happy to welcome the Queen of Wands today with guidance for us and I am drawn to check out the Shadowscapes Companion book once more, glad I did. It says. ‘Her presence exudes confidence and the knowledge that she can handle anything and anyone. It is not arrogance but a simple understanding and truthful assessment of her skills and abilities’. . . guarding against temptation to a darker purpose.

Therefore she has decided to work for love and light. It is a time of redressing the balance of darkness that has shadowed our world for too long now. If all of us, individually, were able to stand in our own power, then together as a collective power, where our only concern is a better world for all to live in, don’t you think we could change the world?

Do we have the strength of the Queen in us today. We are being guided well, yesterday the Hermit and previous days the messages have been about standing in our own truth of being, our own power. The card is about confidence, courage, determination. She channels her power for her success to bring fulfilment into her life. What will fulfil our lives today?

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