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09.11.2021 Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Are we going to have a dream come true? I am singing the song Happy Talk from the musical South Pacific.

Are we open to change? Are we ready for some new opportunities? Ready to embrace ‘out of the blue’ situations and/or travel? A card of thinking big, of communication, enthusiasm and vision. Card of alignment and knowledge of something better ahead. Maybe we have to take action to bring about the positive change, are we ready? There is a great expanse of energy, of connectivity and conversation with this card. As with the song reference earlier, this is about something we can be passionate about being involved in, about happiness and joy. News coming in swiftly and quickly.

So, if we have not been allowing ourselves to dream, what do we dream of now having received this prompt?

This is about us, no one else, our individual and wonderfully unique self. We have no right to dream of changing someone else’s life. It is about us, you, me, today, now. We are in control of making ourselves happy, no one else. Can we find that energy within? It is there. We have to stop looking outside of ourselves or relying on others to fill the gaps in our lives. Today we dream our dream come true for we are that dream, no one else. Finding the power of self and then sending out our personal dreams.

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