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09.11.2020 – XIX The Sun

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: It is a time to empty yourself, release and allow the universe to take over and reflect back on what you have learned from your experience in the lunar cycle.

Let us wallow in the energy today of The Sun even if it is clouded over where we physically are. Let us pay attention too, to the energy of the moon and let its power assist us to release and reflect on these last four weeks. What were we doing then? Have we travelled the weeks well between then and now? What have we learned? What have we released? What do we no longer need? Today’s card is associated with aspirations and maturity of self. It is telling us it is our time for a new beginning, a time of personal growth. Are we able to freely express our truth and vision of abundant blessings coming our way?

Why not us? Who says that everyone can’t have more than enough to live well without squandered indulgence at the expense of fellow human beings basic needs?

This is the most positive card in the deck, can we

project that energy forward into a world where we all could live in joy, love and peace?

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