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09.09.2020 – XX Judgement

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: The 09.09 of today’s date brings to mind the song lyrics ‘Almost there, we’re almost there, how wonderful’ etc. There are two ways we can think about such energy. We can be positive and patient allowing whatever is developing to take its own time to show itself to us or, we can be negative and moan that things never seem to happen when we want them to happen. Which ‘camp’ are you in? With today’s card of Judgement we are being asked to consider that same question. Can we keep our judgement of things to where it is necessary to help us live the human life? An analogy would be to eat when hungry but not to over eat, judging how much we need for our sustenance in ratio to our expenditure of energy. This is necessary judgement. What is not necessary is allowing the ‘monkey mind’ to plague us with judgements that are not ours to make. What would love do? Sometimes it is hard to remember to ask ourselves that question but it is useful – helps us to stop unnecessary judgement. That love of course being from the heart and not the ego mind. ‘It’s not Hollywood love, but it is Universal!’

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