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09.07.2021 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: A shift today from the water energy of the last five days and back down to earth we come grounding ourselves on Terra Firma with the energy of fire from the King to keep us warm. Kings are authority, leader and protector of the minor suits and this king is the last of the four suits; what I call ‘top of the shop.’ He has experienced all the journeys of all the suits but it never ends here. Endings are only beginnings on this spiral of life that we experience.

This is also known as the trust card. It is linked to the Sun sign of Taurus. It encourages us to go in search of what makes us happy. What I will add is that this may not be outside of ourselves but within. It is an amazing journey to find our true self, not one moulded by the words and teachings of others but the one that resonates through our bones, blood, flesh and spirit. This is a card of abundance and when we truly find ourselves we know an abundance that lives within us. An abundance that no ‘thing’ will top. Here we find solidity and security within. Not the mind,

but the whole being. Is this a journey we will start today?

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