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09.07.2019 – Eight of Wands Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: What needs stood on its head in your vicinity today?

Sometimes, like the number 8, even if we stand it on its head, it still looks the same. Things can be deceptive. For, in having seen it from one point, in turning it around we give ourselves the opportunity to see it from a different perspective.

Do you see same old, same old or can you change your perception and look a little deeper or broader into something which is sitting uncomfortably in your space?

Are you keeping yourself in negativity, unable to move into a more positive view of life?

Start with small things. Picture something which makes you smile and write it down. Over the course of the day try to think of up to ten things which lift your mood and now you have a list; for there are days when we can’t even think of one – now you have a list to turn to.

Poco a poco, little by little we can learn to move ourselves into a better place.

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