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09.04.2021 Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: We may not be able to see the way ahead, but, have we ever considered that this was a ‘signpost’ for us, to make us more aware of where we are, right here, right now? Today’s card is encouraging us to make decisions even though we cannot see what lays ahead. Are we ready to embrace the unknown? Have we embraced the energies of faith and trust? There is something that can assist us with that and it is called intuition, but, we have to quieten our monkey minds so that we can feel into it. A card of choices, a ‘crossroads’ moment in our journey that asks us to look inside and engage with the bigger power of our being that knows what we truly want. There is no point in procrastination, it only holds us in a state of limbo which is usually very uncomfortable. Make the choice, if it is not right then we get to try it another way. Trust in that intuition when we choose and never look back, no point, forward and onward while being in the power of the here and the now. A second day of Mars energy and in its home Sun sign of Aries with this card. Take the power from that and make it work for us. Allow the fiery energy of the wands to enthuse us and move us on from the status quo.

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