• Patricia Jean Fleming

09.03.2021 VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: As I write this for Tuesday I am given the name Pericles and check him out via the net. But there was something more, I knew I had also to search him with lion, and here we have it. On the night before Pericles was born, his mother dreamt that she gave birth to a lion cub! Pericles was responsible for Athenian democracy being an example to the rest of Greece. He had political vision and was a talented speaker. Athenians were free to express their opinion no matter their wealth. The rich saw it as an honour to sponsor their city and its needs. A significant time also for education and philosophy. The Shadowscapes Companion book tells us of the bamboo in this card about its ‘hidden strength – so fragile and delicate seeming but flexible and strong. It is a strength that does not need to shout about its power to the world but sways and bows to the wind then springs forward again with a melodious rustle of leaves.’ Where can we be benevolent to others today? Where do we need to be in our power, stand in the strength of who we are without making a big deal of it to those around us? Again we are being reminded that this is a time of flow. If we are too rigid we sink. Let us take our cue from the bamboo today and sway gently with the breeze that springs up around us.

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