• Patricia Jean Fleming

09.02.2021 IX The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: How far will we climb today to get to as close as possible to where we want to be? The Hermits path looks to be a bit precarious to say the least! When we heal the wounds of the past and find an inner strength in who we are then it is easy to carry a lantern for the light to shine out for others to follow rather than for us to lay it a side and be preoccupied with our own path. Yes we have gone to the bother of carrying the lamp up that difficult path but it has helped to light our way too and it is heart warming to know that others will benefit. Linked to the sun sign Virgo this card talks of being methodical, analytical, committed yet modest and wise. A day to shine our light out into the world to find our direction and where we will move forward to next. Maybe it is not time to go yet, maybe there are things that still need to fall in place either for us, for others or maybe even both. Do we know what it is we want and how it will be done? Have faith, watch and wait, we will know when the time is right. Remember Mercury the communication planet is in retrograde until 21st February and we have the new moon in a couple of days.

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