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09.01.2022 Three of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: We are not weak when we ask for support. We recognise the spirit of the person we ask assistance from. We recognise that it is not possible for us to be all things in this world. There are some things we can do easier when we ask for help. We love ourselves enough to ask and love those whom we ask. It is a practical process, only the ego mind may want us to ‘do it all ourselves’. It is a beautiful thing to share and to care enough to share. It is ‘namaste’ – the good in me recognises the good in you. It is the focus of one step at a time. It is the creation of something new; possibly an ambitious project. It is in appreciating our own skills and experience to bring positive change into our lives. It can be a time of rebuilding our lives or our homes etc. It may be the beginning of material success through collaboration, teamwork and a time of seeing reward for our effort, for what we bring to this world. A day of having control of our personal energies and how we focus them. A card of money and career while building a stable foundation to launch forward from. Card of the planet Mars in the current sun sign of Capricorn. An earth element sign that grounds us. Mars is of action and desire. Of initiation and self-assertion. Where will we direct this energy today and who will we ask to help us?

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