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08.11.2020 – Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Today we are looking ahead.

We have a bright future but it is still a bit cloudy and needs time to clear.

Are we getting into the habit of thinking in a positive way more often than negative? Do we believe in the power of this energy? Can we believe we have the potential to enhance the path ahead of us? One thing for sure, if we don’t even try then we won’t see the beneficial results that are available to us. The more of us who work with this energy will multiply it greater than our own; it grows exponentially.

We have free will, we can all choose if we do or don’t. No one who is true to this way of living will force this on anyone. It is up to us individually to make this decision for ourselves. How do we picture our future? Do we know ourselves well enough to know that it is us that has fashioned this dream, not the ‘voice’ of someone else; does it make our heart sing? Or are we open to what will come our way knowing ourselves well enough that we are ready for whatever journey is ahead of us?

Can we learn to trust the unknown?

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