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08.10.2020 – II The High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Three days major energy guidance kicks off with The High Priestess who is two steps on from the Fool and one beyond The Magician. Twos can be about decisions and choices. Duality, balance, relationships and reconciliation. Her energy is representative of The Moon, that beautiful satellite, that outpost which shines its ever-changing self, back at us here on Earth, asking us to know ourselves. To trust the instincts we perceive within, connecting with our true self. Are you aware of how the moon cycles can affect your emotions and that of others? Like the moon cycles, we are being asked to get to know our life rhythms and what that means to us especially when trying to fit in with others who have their own phases. Many will choose not to connect with or begin to understand this unconscious connectivity we all have to the greater being of life and living. It is there to assist us, to guide us, to help us understand our and others emotions. We are all unique and yet we all ebb and flow with the tides of this life.

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