• Patricia Jean Fleming

08.09.2020 – Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Today’s card is represented by planet Mars in the sun sign of Aries. Since June 27th Mars has been in the sign he rules i.e. Aries and having reached 28degrees of its 29degrees, today Mars is slowing down to ‘turn retrograde’ tomorrow.

Moon Omens tell us: ‘The higher purpose of this transit is to gain a deeper understanding of our desires and the motives behind them. Mars retrograde invites us to explore our instinctual needs and wants, in order to achieve a more profound awareness of what we are fighting for and why.’ Two of Wands here is someone who has gained his colours along the way and flies the scarlet ribbon (power). There is the potential of a new path ahead, are you ready to step onto it? He has the strength of the lion to carry him forward when he is ready to make the move. As ever, no one else will make that decision for us. The future is there for us to fashion to how we want it to be. Do not think you are powerless, planet Mars is with us in Aries through to 6th of January. Make that energy work for you now. Make the choices to bring positive change into our lives. Let us employ our intuition to assist us.

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