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08.07.2022 Eight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: July has, so far, started off with an amazing array of cards and it keeps going, sharing roughly the same story with some changes here and there. I wonder how many cards would have come out as the same one should I not choose a bulk of 21 in advance. The messages are clear. Stand in our own power, stay in a positive mindset, and have faith. Sometimes though we have to take a step back [Wednesday the Nine of Cups] as something more needs to be adjusted or rectified before moving forward again. Today’s Eight of Cups reminds us that we want something more for our life, to move towards something better than where we currently are. Of saying goodbye because we want more. Card of realising what it is we are happy to give up to find that special connection. Now knowing that it can be within ourselves. No one else can fix us. Any relationship should enhance both participants. That can only happen from a strong foundation. This card tells us that we are about to have a wish come true. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but with trust and faith [positivity] it will, or something even better.! Linked to the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Planet of achievement, mastery, and structure, as in structuring our lives. Of patient, hard work and responsibility. Pisces brings us the balanced traits of compassion, connection, empathy, intuition, mindfulness and trust. Hang on in there for, as we keep being told, all will be well.

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