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08.06.2022 King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Wands is the first suit of the minor arcana and it feels fresh and exciting today. We have the King stepping forward for us to bring some magic into our lives. I always have a feeling with this card that it is connected to the Magician in the major arcana; card number one. It is about recognising our own power and worth. Someone who takes the lead, the initiative. Of ‘go getting’/ fighter energy. Someone who doesn’t let things go very easily. For me the wands suit is like the Pages of the court cards, giving us the energy of youthful enthusiasm, pre life’s indoctrination; the lessons we learned.

The card brings us the energy of receiving, of support, of being humble and generous. Both the Wands and the King are of the fire element so I link this to the Sun and today I am feeling the star sign of Aries with it being the first sign of the zodiac. The sun is our life giver, it guides us in how we present ourselves out into the world. It brings us creativity, expression, passion and will. Aries is about our confidence to assert ourselves. Bringing us balanced traits of assertiveness, daring, independence and self -awareness. Not a day ‘to hide our light under a bushel!’ [Not to keep quiet about our accomplishments, our skills or talents.]

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