• Patricia Jean Fleming

08.02.2021 Knight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: As the micro new moon energy starts to build [new moon 11th 19:05gmt] we are in the waning energy that asks us to rest and relax, reflect and restore while the Knight of Cups comes charging in full of zest and vigour. We need to do what is right for us today. There is a saying that used to be bandied around the offices back in my day that 'your lack of planning does not deserve my immediate attention.' My rising sign is of water energy and I know how the moon energy affects me, how does it affect you? Cups are of water energy which link to emotions, feelings and relationships. What I feel from this today is not to allow someone else’s vigour to pull us from honouring our own feelings and truths. “Thank you, I appreciate your gesture, but I am not in a place today where I can engage with it.” Linked to the sun sign Pisces which is a water sign and the last sign of the zodiac and said to have a little bit of all the other signs within their make up. This can be a highly complex energy to carry or a huge blessing depending on how the individual works with it. This is the wonderful uniqueness of life that we all have individually in our very different blueprints.

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