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07.10.2021 Nine of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: Sometimes known as the Wounded Warrior we have this card presenting itself to bring us guidance today. There is an energy of ‘feeling sorry for ourselves’ but it is only us that can change that. It becomes easier for us when the planets are ‘on our side’. Today we have the astrology of planet Venus entering Sagittarius through till 5th November. This card is linked to the Moon in Sagittarius, so we are getting a double ‘fix’ of Sagittarian energy which is one of adventure, fun and freedom. The Moon represents our basic habits, deepest needs and our unconscious. Will we allow ourselves to get lost in that deep darkness that seems unsurmountable, or will we open ourselves to adventure today?

This card asks us to be aware of past battles which have made us wiser. Of being defensive and afraid of letting people in. Do we hold ourselves in fear and miss out on the fun? Trust our intuition but do not let fear stop us from engaging with life and living. Life is about duality and we have been blessed with a free will of being. We can lose ourselves in perception of how we think we ‘should’ be, or we can ban words like could, should and would from our vocabulary and just be. To be non judgmental, releasing the old ways that were of subservience and servitude and allow adventure, fun and freedom back into our lives. A day that encourages us to be bold and to go for what we desire. Wounded Warrior or recovered freedom seeker? We choose what it will be.

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